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Our wraps are made from premium materials, ensuring a smooth burn and an even distribution of your chosen substance. With a thin and lightweight construction, they provide a seamless and enjoyable smoking experience. The papers are easy to roll, featuring the right thickness to maintain structural integrity while allowing for an ease process. Regardless of your smoking style, these papers provide a consistent, satisfying result each time you use them.

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Billionaire Hemp Cones – Natural – 36/10’s

Item Number: 7821

Billionaire Hemp Cones – Russian Cream – 36/10’s

Item Number: 7820

Billionaire Hemp Cones – OGK -36/10’s

Item Number: 7819

Billionaire Palm Leaf – King – Natural 20/24’S

Item Number: 7726

Billionaire Palm Leaf – King – Magnificent Mint 20/24’S

Item Number: 7725

Billionaire Palm Leaf – King- Banana Cream 20/24’S

Item Number: 7724

Billionaire Palm Leaf – King – Blueberry 20/24’S

Item Number: 7723

Billionaire Palm Leaf – King – Watermelon Deluxe 20/24’S

Item Number: 7722

Blazy Susan King Size Unbleached Rolling Papers 50pk

Item Number: 7514

Blazy Susan Unbleached 1 1/4 Rolling Papers 50pk

Item Number: 7513

Blazy Susan Unbleached Pre-Rolled Cones King Size 21pk of 3 Cones

Item Number: 7510

Blazy Susan Unbleached Pre-Rolled 1 1/4 Cones

Item Number: 7509

Blazy Susan Purple King Size 3pk 21ct

Item Number: 7507

Blazy Susan Pink Deluxe Rolling Kit King Size 20 Kits

Item Number: 7504

King Palm Cones Dual Pack Pineapple & Watermelon 2Opk 20ct

Item Number: 7436

Billionaire Palm Leaf – Mini – Natural 20/24’S

Item Number: 7289

Billionaire Palm Leaf – Mini – Watermelon Deluxe 20/24’S

Item Number: 7290

Billionaire Palm Leaf – Slim – Blueberry 20/24’S

Item Number: 7291

Billionaire Palm Leaf – Slim – Banana Cream 20/24’S

Item Number: 7292

Billionaire Palm Leaf – Slim – Magnificent Mint 20/24’S

Item Number: 7293

Billionaire Palm Leaf – Slim – Natural 20/24’S

Item Number: 7294

Billionaire Palm Leaf – Slim – Watermelon Deluxe 20/24’S

Item Number: 7295

High Hemp Cone Regular 15pk

Item Number: 7298

High Hemp Cone Maui Mango 15pk

Item Number: 7299

High Hemp Cone Banana Goo 15pk

Item Number: 7300

High Hemp Cone Blazin Cherry 15pk

Item Number: 7302

High Hemp Cone Dutch Cream 15pk

Item Number: 7303

High Hemp Cone Honey Pot Swirl 15pk

Item Number: 7305

High Hemp Cone 88888 88888 15pk

Item Number: 7306

High Hemp Cone Pineapple 15pk

Item Number: 7307

High Hemp Cone Hydro Lemonade 15pk

Item Number: 7308

High Hemp Wraps Hydro Lemonade 25Pk

Item Number: 7309

High Hemp Wraps Baked Kookies 25pk

Item Number: 7310

High Hemp Wraps Flora Passion 25pk

Item Number: 7322

High Hemp Wraps Pineapple Paradise 25pk

Item Number: 7321

High Hemp Wraps Maui Mango 25pk

Item Number: 7320

High Hemp Wraps Blazin’ Cherry 25pk

Item Number: 7319

High Hemp Wraps Original 25pk

Item Number: 7318

High Hemp Wraps Grapeape 25pk

Item Number: 7317

High Hemp Wraps Area 51 25pk

Item Number: 7316

Billionaire Palm Leaf – Mini – Magnificent Mint 20/24’S

Item Number: 7288

Billionaire Palm Leaf – Mini – Banana Cream 20/24’S

Item Number: 7287

Billionaire Palm Leaf – Mini – Blueberry 20/24’S

Item Number: 7286

Billionaire Hemp Wraps – Natural – 50/25’S

Item Number: 7283

Bob Marley Rolling Paper King Size 50/50’S

Item Number: 7297

Billionaire Hemp Wraps – Ballin’ Blueberry – 50/25’S

Item Number: 7285

Billionaire Hemp Wraps – Pink Lemonade – 50/25’S

Item Number: 7284

Billionaire Hemp Wraps – Russian Cream – 50/25’S

Item Number: 7282

Billionaire Hemp Wraps – OGK – 50/25’S

Item Number: 7280

Billionaire Hemp Wraps – Majestic Grape – 50/25’S

Item Number: 7278

High Hemp Wraps Bare Berry 25pk

Item Number: 7314

High Hemp Wraps Fuzzy Peach 25pk

Item Number: 7323

High Hemp Wraps 8888888888 Gum 25pk

Item Number: 7312

High Hemp Wraps Banana Goo 25pk

Item Number: 7313

High Hemp Wraps Dutch Cream 25pk

Item Number: 7315

Billionaire Hemp Wraps – Sweet Stacks – 50/25’S

Item Number: 7281

Billionaire Hemp Wraps – Milli Mango – 50/25’S

Item Number: 7279

Skunk Hemp Wraps Mango Smoothie – Box/25 2fers

Item Number: 6914

Skunk Hemp Wraps Grape Soda – Box/25 2fers

Item Number: 6912

Skunk Hemp Wraps Cherry Pie – Box/25 2fers

Item Number: 6911

Crop Kingz Self-Sealing Organic Wraps – Tribal Spirit

Item Number: 6879

King Palm Cones – Slim Size W/ Boveda 5pk

Item Number: 6878

King Palm Cones – Rollies W/ Boveda 5pk

Item Number: 6877

Crop Kingz Self-Sealing Organic Wraps – Brain Freeze

Item Number: 6876

Crop Kingz Self-Sealing Organic Wraps – Hanana Gold

Item Number: 6875

Crop Kingz Self-Sealing Organic Wraps – Hurrican

Item Number: 6874

King Palm Wraps – Single Roll – Mini Size – Green Apple

Item Number: 6867

Crop Kingz Organic Cones – King Size 2pk – Original Homegrown

Item Number: 6866

King Plam Cones – Slim Size W/ Boveda – 25pk

Item Number: 6861

Squid Game Mania Rolling Machine 110mm

Item Number: 6676

Squid Game Mania Rolling Machine 78mm

Item Number: 6675

King Palm Cones – Rollie Size – Peach Tree – 20ct

Item Number: 6518

Raw Cone Creator Display 20pcs

Item Number: 6482

Cyclone Klear Rockstar 24/UPX1

Item Number: 6481

King Palm Cones – Rollie Size – Cherry Charm – 20ct

Item Number: 6468

King Palm Cones – Rollie Size – Perfect Pear – 20ct

Item Number: 6467

King Palm Cones – Mini Size – W/ Acrylic Packing Stick – Vanilla Gold – 15ct

Item Number: 6464

King Palm Cones – Rollie Size – Gelato Cream- 20ct

Item Number: 6463

King Palm Cones – Mini Size – Mango OG – 20ct

Item Number: 6462

Afghan Woods Blunt Wraps Guava

Item Number: 6435

Afghan Woods Blunt Wraps Bubble Gum

Item Number: 6434

Skunk Blackberry 1 1/4

Item Number: 6219

Kush Wraps Purple Terpene

Item Number: 6163

Afghan Woods Blunt Wraps Russian Cream

Item Number: 6047

Afghan Woods Blunt Wraps Mango

Item Number: 6046

Afghan Woods Blunt Wraps Grape

Item Number: 6044

Afghan Woods Blunt Wraps Banana

Item Number: 6042

Blazy Susan Pink Rolling Paper Tips

Item Number: 5960

Blazy Susan Pink King Size Cone

Item Number: 5958

5 Pack King Palm XL

Item Number: 5790

Kush Cone Wraps Purple

Item Number: 5664

Kush Cone Wraps Celmentine

Item Number: 5663

King Palm King Size 20ct 2pk

Item Number: 5425

King Palm Slim Banana 20pk

Item Number: 5363

King Palm Mini Margarita 20pk

Item Number: 5362

King Palm Mini 5pk 15Ct

Item Number: 5268

King Palm Slim 5Pk 15Ct

Item Number: 5267

King Palm Slim 2pk 20ct

Item Number: 5266

King Palm Mini 2pk 20ct

Item Number: 5265

RAW Cones 20pk

Item Number: 5122

RAW Perfect Cone Maker Display

Item Number: 5060

RAW Artesano 1 1/4

Item Number: 5053

Kush Conical Wraps Berries

Item Number: 4968

Kush Conical Wraps Kiwi Strawberry

Item Number: 4967

Kush Conical Wraps Mixed Grape

Item Number: 4965

Kush Herbal Wraps Lemonade

Item Number: 4429

Kush Herbal Wraps Mixed Grape

Item Number: 4379

3×3 RAW Parchment Square 100ct

Item Number: 3976

RAW Classic Lean 109mm/40mm Cones

Item Number: 3809

Pure Hemp Unbleached Rolling Papers 44mm

Item Number: 2805

Pure Hemp Rolling Papers 53mm

Item Number: 2804

Cheech & Chong Unbleached King Size Rolling Papers

Item Number: 3461

Cheech & Chong Hemp King Size Rolling Papers

Item Number: 3460

Cheech & Chong Unbleached Rolling Papers 1 1/4

Item Number: 3459

Cyclone Clear Strawberry Cones

Item Number: 3138

Lucky Irish Rolling Papers 1 1/4 24pk

Item Number: 2699

Zen Rolling Papers 1 1/4 White 24pk

Item Number: 2698

Juicy Cool Menthol Rolling Papers 1 1/2 25pk

Item Number: 2695

Skulls Rolling Papers 1 1/2 24pk

Item Number: 2701

Juicy Jays Rolling Papers Chocolate 1 1/4

Item Number: 2223

Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers Marshmallow 1 1/4

Item Number: 1376

Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers Orange 1 1/4

Item Number: 783

Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers Pineapple 1 1/4

Item Number: 781

Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers Watermelon 1 1/4

Item Number: 777

Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers Coconut 1 1/4

Item Number: 776

Skunk Brand Papers 1 1/4 25ct Box

Item Number: 1781

Cyclone Clear Natural

Item Number: 815

Cyclone Clear IceDream

Item Number: 1057

Cyclone Clear Chill Red

Item Number: 911

Cyclone Clear Chill Blue

Item Number: 910

Raw 1 1/4 Cone Pre-Rolled 32ct 6pk

Item Number: 1611

Juicy Jay’s 1 1/4 Trip Green Rolling Papers

Item Number: 1378

Juicy Jay’s 1 1/4 Jamaican Rum Rolling Papers

Item Number: 1375

ROOR King Size 50pk

Item Number: 1373

ROOR 1 1/4 50pk

Item Number: 1372

Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers 1 1/4 Raspberry

Item Number: 780

Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers 1 1/4 Strawberry

Item Number: 779

Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers 1 1/4 Grape

Item Number: 549

Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers 1 1/4 Green Apple

Item Number: 358

Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers 1 1/4 Peach N Cream

Item Number: 782

Club Papers Ungummed 1 1/4 24pk

Item Number: 548

RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers 1 1/4 50pk

Item Number: 888

Elements Rice Papers 1 1/2

Item Number: 546
Back in the good ol' days when we didn't have the pipe, bubbler, water pipe mumbo jumbo there were rolling papers - where smokers took rolling dry herb into their own hands, without the aid of rolling trays or rolling machines. The only tips they had were from their smoking elders and glass blunts were only things of the future. Our wholesale selection gives the classic feeling of rolling with all the modern conveniences and nifty accessories available.