Zone Wholesale supplies wholesale hookah accessories, including pipes, shisha, and charcoal. Our products and customer service are top tier. We have brands like Amira Hookahs, BYO, Charcoblaze, Al Wazeer, Coco Nara, Holland, & 3 Kings.

Our hookah pipes come in all sizes and styles, made to give a smooth smoking experience. We also offer hookah accessories, such as bowls, hoses, and mouthpieces. We have hookah charcoal, including natural coconut and quick light charcoal, designed to provide an even burn.

At zone wholesale, we are driven to providing customers with excellent hookah products at wholesale prices. Whether you’re a retailer, reseller, or a customer, we have everything you need for a great hookah smoking experience. Our wide range of products and amazing customer service make us a go to supplier for all your hookah needs.

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Al Wazeer Charcoal Coconut (72pc) 1.0kg

Item Number: 7708

Al Wazeer Charcoal Coconut (72pc) 1.0kg Hard Box

Item Number: 7707

Al Wazeer Charcoal Coconut (36pc) 0.5kg

Item Number: 7706

28″ Long 1″ Wide Large Pipe Brush

Item Number: 7679

Dud Hookah Wonka Hose Silicone W/Led Stick

Item Number: 7275

Hookah Tong

Item Number: 7122

Silicone Knuckle Hookah Hose

Item Number: 7121

Dud Jelly Hookah Tip 25/Jar

Item Number: 6841

BYO Heavy Duty Hookah Burner

Item Number: 6503

Amira Click Adaptor

Item Number: 6118

Foils 24pk Display Box Of 50 Large

Item Number: 6080

Wood Personal Mouth Tips

Item Number: 5893

Mini Hooka Bowl

Item Number: 5632

6″ Silicone Hose Aluminum Handle

Item Number: 5567

6″ Silicone Hose Aluminum Handle

Item Number: 5566

Amira Funnel Hooka Bowl

Item Number: 5565

Amira Fat Hooka Bowl

Item Number: 5564

Amira Hooka Bowl

Item Number: 5563

5″ Plastic Reusable Hooka Hose

Item Number: 5539

Hookah Glass Vase

Item Number: 38

Premium Hookah Vase

Item Number: 151

Amira Metal Top for Coal Tray

Item Number: 4326

6ft Plastic Reusable Hose

Item Number: 4325

Hookah Hose Holder w/ Adjustable Clamp

Item Number: 3721

Hookah Tongs

Item Number: 2309

Hookah Hose Grommet Small 10pk

Item Number: 2191

Hookah Bowl Small Funnel

Item Number: 2148

Hookah Vase Rubber Large

Item Number: 2018

Hookah Vase Rubber Small

Item Number: 2017

Hookah Pipe Brush

Item Number: 1741

Hookah Vase Brush Lrg

Item Number: 1740

Hookah Vase Brush Sml

Item Number: 1739

Hookah Bowl Ceramic Sml

Item Number: 1738

Hookah Screen 6pk

Item Number: 1497

Hookah Bowl Temple

Item Number: 1490

Hookah 33″ Arabic Winds 1 Hose

Item Number: 1487

Holland Charcoal Small

Item Number: 315

3 Kings Charcoal Large

Item Number: 937

3 Kings Charcoal Small

Item Number: 936