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Stinger Whole Body Cleanser 1hr – Blue Raspberry 8oz

Item Number: 6446

Quick Fix Plus 14pk

Item Number: 6136

High Voltage XStream Sythetic Urine

Item Number: 2361

All Clear Shampoo

Item Number: 1618

High Voltage Capsules 6pk

Item Number: 1608

High Voltage 16oz Acai Grape

Item Number: 1599

High Voltage Mouthwash 2oz

Item Number: 1606

High Voltage Shampoo 2oz

Item Number: 1605

High Voltage 16oz Tropical Orange

Item Number: 1601

High Voltage 16oz Lemon Lime

Item Number: 1600

U.S.B. All in One Detox

Item Number: 115
Have your customers had an exceptionally fun weekend but only since realized that they have to go to work at the beginning of the week? We carry both bulk drug tests (1, 3, and 5 panel) and bulk detox products - mouthwash, shampoo, and urine - to help your customers regain their head for the busy week ahead. For on-the-go users, our wholesale detox drinks and wholesale detox capsules are convenient alternatives. High Voltage, Detoxify, Stat! Flush