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Who We Are

Zone Wholesale is committed to fast & friendly service by an experienced team you can trust. Our goal is to offer the best customer service while providing quality smoking accessories and products.

Located in Houston, TX we are a full line distribution company shipping to customers across the United States. We offer domestic and imported products with competitive pricing and prompt delivery.

We are constantly adding products to help your business carry the most up to date and current items on the market. We are dedicated to assisting our customers in the growth of their business with the convenience of shopping online, by fax, email, and phone or come by to visit and personally chose from our growing selection.

Before You Order

If you have already verified your business with us then disregard this message.

All new customers must verify your business with us.

A valid Business License is required to be on file prior to any orders processed or shipped from Zone Wholesale. 

Please fax form to 713-785-3100 or email to orders@zonewholesale1.com.

If you do not complete this process any order you make will be void.



Worldwide Shipping

We can ship to you where ever you are.

Best Quality

We have the best products in the business.

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